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Welcome to the audit company «Enthusiast-Audit». While most firms look at accounting as just at the numbers, we see in this specific business processes and events.

We, a group of economists, enthusiasts of the business for which the phenomenon of economy is not only in optimizing the objective function of cost, but also as the quintessence of the human spirit, its aspirations, beliefs. For the figures of economy are always the culture and history of people, its habits, tastes, the ability to self-organization and the desire for freedom. As written by Max Weber, human freedom manifests itself in including and the spirit of capitalism, that looks almost inconspicuous, but essentially decisive for the penetration of a new spirit in economic life shift
occurred, as a rule, brave and unscrupulous speculators or adventurers, whom we meet throughout economic history, the owners of "big money", and people who have passed severe school of life, circumspect and resolute at the same time, people restrained, moderate and persistent in nature, fully dedicated, with strictly bourgeois opinions and "principles". From these considerations, we, the auditors, evaluate the state of financial affairs at the level of local problems, measure a major stage in the formation of the spirit of capitalism at the level of a large area of freedom.


International standards of auditing. Audit of special purpose.

Agreed upon procedures
  • Verification of tax accounting.
  • Checking of accounting.
  • Conduct financial investigations to detect fraud at the company.
  • Analysis of financial and economic activity.
Audit of special purpose
  • Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with a different basis of accounting than International or national standards
  • Auditing components of financial statements (accounts, financial statement line items.)
  • Verification of compliance with contractual agreements.
Review of financial statements prepared in accordance with:
  • Regulations (standards) of accounting in Ukraine.
  • International financial reporting standards.
  • The provisions of the accounting in different countries.
Customization services of the internal control system include:
  • The organization of work of the internal audit service.
  • Internal control and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Risk management throughout the organization.

Financial analysis of the organization. Consulting subscription service.

Tax consulting
  • Evaluation of the existing tax regime;
  • Consultations on application of international and Ukrainian tax legislation;
  • Assistance with tax audits (audits of taxes and duties);
  • Advice on cases of tax offences;
  • Assessment of economic validity of costs;
  • Evaluation of transactions with related and affiliated parties;
  • Advising on the organization and conducting tax accounting;
  • Identification of possible reserves to minimize tax payments, including tax optimization;
  • Statement, restoration and conducting accounting and tax accounting for representative offices of foreign enterprises (outsourcing).
Financial analysis
  • Analysis of financial and economic activities of the company based on various metrics;
  • Analysis of the consolidated financial statements for the group companies;
  • Preparation and evaluation of effectiveness, feasibility analysis, business plans and investment projects;
  • The efficiency of financial management and optimization of the process;
  • The analysis of efficiency of attraction and placement of funds, management of stocks of raw materials, materials and goods;
  • Optimization of risk control, liquidity and use of own and borrowed funds of the company;
  • Advice on the financial restructuring of the organization, develop an appropriate action plan.

Working with us You will get your own accounting Department, who will promptly provide You with the necessary information and advise on important issues.

  • The registration and maintenance of tax & accounting includes the development of accounting policy, the establishment of the work plan accounts for synthetic and analytical positions, the optimal methods and ways of accounting, taxation, company. We will offer You the best possible tax system and find ways of its optimization.
  • Consulting includes conducting oral and written consultations on issues of accounting and taxation, representing clients in courts and tax authorities. Also prepares financial statements, information support in the field of taxation, estimated the economic risks to existing or planned international operations.
  • Accounting support includes production (or recovery) of accounting and tax accounting, payroll, control accounts payable and receivable of the company. Also the balance sheet is formed, is working with individual cost items, performed opening and closing of Bank accounts, preparation and submission of reports (including statistical and non-budgetary authorities). May conduct procedures of the Express-audit.
  • Personnel records includes the formulation of the personnel policy of the company (staffing and instructions), record keeping on employees, the accrual of personal income tax and other obligatory payments.

Merger, acquisition, registration, restructuring, bankruptcy.

  • Legal advice for company registration, changes its structure, as well as liquidation or bankruptcy.
  • Development of statutory documents, drafting powers of attorney, Protocol, decisions, orders, regulations, policies and other documents that relate to the company.
  • Services for registration of businesses (legal entities, foreign representative offices in Ukraine, registration of physical persons — subjects of entrepreneurial activities) in public bodies.
  • Restructuring: legal consultations, drafting and preparation of necessary documents, conducting (registration) of relevant changes in government.
  • Services on liquidation of business: support of process of liquidation of the company; including completion of all regulatory inspections and the removal of the entity from the state register of companies.
  • Bankruptcy: preparation of documents for initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and for the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, maintenance of the procedure of property disposition, rehabilitation and liquidation.

Consulting in the field of management helps to solve wide variety of problems.

  • Strategic consulting includes analysis of regional and global market of finished products and raw materials, assessment of the current situation of competitors, study of the dynamics of consumption and production, tracing the evolution of technology. Strategic consulting also includes the calculation of logistics and building an effective business model.
  • HR consulting, which includes services for the selection, development and evaluation of personnel, construction and improvement of corporate culture (introduction of the principle of collectivity, nonfinancial incentives, etc.).
  • Marketing consulting includes the development of individual marketing policy of the company and the building management systems market conduct of actual and potential buyers.
  • Designing effective control systems is building a system of business processes, optimization of document circulation and information exchange, the development and implementation of systems for planning, forecasting and analysis activities. Also in the design process management system is the creation of optimal structural-functional scheme of the company and distribution of functions, authority, responsibility and incentives.


Among our clients are the largest enterprises of the country, factories, financial institutions, government and commercial organizations. Regardless of size and complexity, the clients are provided with a consistently high speed and professional support. Among our clients are the largest enterprises of the country, factories, financial institutions, government and commercial organizations. Regardless of size and complexity, the clients are provided with a consistently high speed and professional support.

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We’re Effective

We are work well and effectively in a team and for several decades confirm its high level.

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We can accurately, systematically and very carefully to do the work, agreed to perform at the appointed time.

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We realize that we are responsible for those clients who work with us, so we do our job perfectly.

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We work with You to build Your business by providing proven advice on tax issues, accounting, financial planning and more.

Why us?

We support and help our clients daily and not once a month at the time of reporting.

Why us?

Why we offer additional services as part of our service? It's simple — If Your business is successful, we also achieve success together with You.


10 June
If you want to take part in the audit/review of financial statements in accordance with ISA/ICCC, welcome to us
Assistant auditor
23 July
Want to learn how to draw up the working documentation, including using computer programs, audit and prepare the draft audit report, please send your CV to mail
Sales Manager
7 August
We invite you to participate in the contest for the vacant position in the sales Department
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